A Burgundy to Remember

I recently returned from Burgundy where I had the good fortune of tasting the 2006 vintage with a handful of top producers. Before leaving, an old friend of mine working in Beaune  recommended that I try to schedule a tasting appointment with Pierre Guillemot. Needless to say, I’m happy that this worked out because the experience turned out to be a highlight of my trip.

Upon arrival, I was welcomed into the Guillemot home by Pierre’s grandparents where they showed me pictures of 5 generations of wine-makers. I was then shown a very impressive wine celler, production area, and back vintage stock. We started the tasting with 2006 reds, (I should note that they make about 6 Premier Cru wines, and 1 Grand Cru) and I just could not believe how good these wines were showing despite their youthfulness.

After tasting through the lineup, he asked which wines were my favorites. Being familiar with Pierre’s wines, I’ve always enjoyed his “Les Jarrons� and “Les Serpentieres� and told him so. He then went into his back vintage stock and brought over two bottles of the 1988 vintage. At that point we pulled up chairs and time seemed to just slip away as we drank  two of the best bottles of aged Burgundy of the trip. I ended up spending over four hours (and a few more dollars) with Pierre!

So to make a long story a bit shorter… yesterday I was able to procure some of the great 2005’s from Pierre Guillemot and today I can offer the following. I highly recommend purchasing these bottles and forgetting about them for about ten or more years. I will be offering the 2006’s as soon as I can but get these 2005’s while you can!!


Domaine Pierre Guillemot 2005 Savigny Les Beaune “Les Jarrons” $44.00
Domaine Pierre Guillemot 2005 Savigny Les Beaune “Serpentieres” $44.00


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