At the weekly New York Vintners company tasting 6 of us tasted through 3 white and 4 red wines—all blind. Among the reds, number 3 aroused a lively conversation. Most of us felt it to be Cabernet Sauvignon based with a Napa Valley structure and fullness in the mouth. Here was a rich, smoky, tobacco-scented wine with an attractive chewy yet smooth palate, plenty of ripe dark Cherry fruit and a persistent finish. A true steak house red! We all liked the wine. It was clearly new world in style. We discussed price with the majority thinking this to be a $35-40 wine. As to its identity, most guessed Napa with Argentina or possibly Chile as an outside possibility. When the bag covering the bottle was ripped off it turned out to be a Cabernet from Argentina. We were mostly surprised but all pleased–Especially when we leaned that it retailed for about half of what we expected. The wine in question is from the Luigi Bosca winery in Lujan sub district of Mendoza. The estate dates back to 1890. The winery makes about 30,000 cases annually from 6 different vineyard sites. Malbec and Cabernet are the main focus. The vineyards are farmed organically. The Cabernet based wines are aged in French oak and are bottle unfiltered—to retain all the flavors that develop in the barrels. For those of you who care, the Bosca wines have been very well reviewed by the better wine critics. But for us it is always what is in the bottle that counts. And that is why we always taste blind.  With the money you will save by purchasing this delicious and engaging Cabernet you can finance the purchase of a fine Porterhouse or Rib Eye steak from your favorite butcher.

By:  Bob Millman

2007 Luigi Bosca Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva   21.99


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